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International Motivational Speaker
Becky's Testimonials
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"We loved having Becky visit our school! The children all went home talking about her presentation and were enthralled with her. She made it comfortable for them to ask questions and kept them engaged throughout. She is a wonderful person and an inspirational speaker to all, regardless of size or age."

Alyson Anderson 
South Elementary School PTO 


"For some time now I have wanted to write and tell Becky how special I think she is. This I realized from the first time we met, several years ago, when she initiated and produced the spectacular event at Creative Artists Agency during disability awareness month (October) to her ongoing commitment to raising awareness around disability and, most specifically, her generous contribution of ideas and time to UCP of NYC's Women Who Care. I was simply delighted when I first learned Becky had moved to the East coast (where I have been spending more time) as I know that she makes a significant contribution to whatever it is with which she becomes involved. Becky is so very creative and resourceful, hardworking and dedicated. How often do any of us know that we can count on someone 101% of the time? People can count on Becky 102%! "

Loreen Arbus
Women Who Care


"Becky was the Keynote speaker at the New England Claim Association seminar in November and presented "Anything is Possible." She brings a unique perspective in an engaging and upbeat way. People were truly inspired by her message and presence. I especially appreciated how she took the time to get to know the audience weeks before the presentation so she could tailor her remarks for maximum effectiveness."

Tim Hassett-Salley,
 New England Claim Assoc.
"Becky Curran gave a talk to my fourth grade at Dwight School New York about what it is like to live as a little person and how she impacts others for the better. I still remember the buzz in the room and the conversation afterwards on how they too want to make a difference. One student said it really hit her when Ms. Becky said that you should not make that big of a reaction of someone different. Really they are just like you. Thank you Becky for encouraging my students to treat all people with respect, and to feel confident in who they are as a person. They will remember your talk for years to come!"

~Ashley Sharik, Dwight School


"From the first moment I met her, Becky stole my heart. She's a firecracker, a passionista on a mission to remind people how awesome they are and I'm honored to call her my friend."

Alexis Jones, Founder, I AM THAT GIRL

"During the fall of 2014, Becky Curran returned to her alma mater, Providence College, to speak to students, faculty, and other members of the community. She gave a captivating keynote, followed by an interactive Q&A where she further engaged her already transfixed audience. Becky’s message was personal as she reflected on her experience at Providence College and shared the struggles and successes she has faced throughout her lifetime. 

Becky’s unrelenting passion for her career was extremely evident as she spoke of her journey in finding success in what she loves doing. Her message of personal gratification in following one’s dreams regardless of the ups and downs of life resonated with and inspired the Providence College community. It was truly a pleasure to host Becky’s return to campus."

~Taylor Hunt, Providence College '15


 "Becky is an inspiration in many ways: her charm, wit, and approachability foster open and meaningfully learning and motivational opportunities. She is able to connect with a diverse range of people. So whether you're a business leader, a class room teacher, or a University Dean, I highly recommend reaching out to her and getting her in front of your communities soonest!"

Kit Murray Maloney, Founder 
at Collaboratory 4.0

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