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International Motivational Speaker

By: Becky Curran

It has always been my passion to alter perceptions of how little people are portrayed in the media, which ultimately influences societal reactions. One evening, my former roommate Mikey Post, who happens to be a little person actor, and I were out celebrating his 30th birthday. The night was young and it was a great time to reflect on how much we’ve learned since moving from our respective hometowns on the east coast to Hollywood.

After coming home from an audition one night, Mikey had a disappointed look on his face. He decided not to move forward with a certain project, once he learned 
that the role was going to be degrading towards the little people community. Before the audition took place, he was told that he was going to play a smaller version of an actor who we all respect. Once he got there, they changed the role to a dehumanizing joke.

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Weymouth native Becky Curran shares experiences with students - 

As seen in the Patriot Ledger  ~ January 24, 2015
WEYMOUTH, MA - At four feet tall, Weymouth native Becky Curran has adapted to living in an “average” height world. She drives a car with the help of pedal extensions and uses stools to reach items on shelves. But with only 30,000 little people currently living in the United States, Becky recognizes that she is often the first little person that many people meet face to face.

Last month Middle and Upper School students at Derby Academy had the opportunity to meet Becky for the first time. And just as she does whenever she meets someone new, Becky welcomed their curiosity about her daily life. When one middle schooler asked if she minded being asked so many questions, Becky explained that she appreciates questions because they demonstrate a willingness to get to know her better.

Becky was born an achondroplastic dwarf, which means that her torso is of average height but her arms and legs are shorter. Becky was born to average height parents, just like 80 percent of all children born with achondrophasia.

After graduating from Providence College, Becky moved to California and spent more than six years in the entertainment industry. Some of her jobs included assisting in representation and product integration at Creative Artists Agency and casting for pilots and television series at CBS. Her experience has made her well aware of the stereotypes of little people in television and movies. In recent years, she has become determined to change how the media perceives little people and all people with disabilities.

Now a motivational speaker, Becky travels the world sharing her experiences and encouraging others to feel comfortable opening up about their own disabilities or challenges that loved ones may be facing. Becky hopes that telling her story will lead to more inclusion of people with physical disabilities.

Weymouth native continued

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