Becky Curran Kekula
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International Motivational Speaker
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Continued from LPA Beauty

“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is light in the heart.”

“Beauty is touching others and making a positive, if brief, impact on them.” 

“It means you have a good heart. When someone says that I’m beautify, it’s because of my face and my fancy clothes.”

“Beauty is not just what you look like on the outside but also how you are on the inside. Being beautiful means that you are kind and respectful to everyone and that you live your life to follow.”

“Beauty to me is what you feel inside; what you believe. Also what your heart is like the type of person you are. Beauty to means to be a beautiful person all around from inside and sometimes out. You can express your beauty through the clothes you wear, but mostly depends on your attitude as well.” 

"The sweet smell of summer…uncontrollable laughter…a high five and smile from a friend I haven’t seen for 51 weeks…Connor, Angie, Ryan, Megan, My Wife, and a beautiful baby boy named Zachary who held on as long as he could, so we could meet and spend time with him.” 

“Beauty is when I’m with my girlfriend.”

“Beauty is people who are themselves and act natural.”

“I feel beautiful when I’m around people like me.”

“Beautiful is when everyone looks at me because I’m pretty and it makes me feel good about myself.” 

“When someone says they like your dress and asks where you bought it.”

“Beauty is how you look inside and outside. It means that you try your best to look pretty. It is also beautiful to be kind to others.” 

“Beauty is when the spotlight is on me.”

“Beauty means the way people view themselves. Beauty is not only defined by the way people look, but what their personality is.”

“Beauty is something that comes in all forms, is visible on the outside but comes from the inside.”

“Beauty means owning and loving your body, all of its quirks and scars.”

“Beauty is diversity and difference. Tall or small, dark or light, think or thin, gay or straight, sassy or sweet, beauty is diversity. Beauty is you.”


“Some like to say beauty is skin deep. Some like to say beauty is on the inside. I think both are correct. Beauty can be found everywhere, both inside and outside. Whether it’s on the inside or the outside, beauty is about what we can do to feel good about ourselves.It about feeling comfortable. Beautiful days are like the days you get to wear the most comfortable outfit in your closet – the outfit you’d wear every single day if you could because it feels so good. With your friends, with your loved ones, and most importantly with yourself, find your comfort zone.” 

Thank you to all of our amazing participants and our supportive audience. Our hope was that the show would be empowering not only for the models but also for the audience. We’ve received so much positive feedback regarding this year’s show that we’re already excited to begin planning 2016! 

Stay beautiful and be true to yourself. Beauty is YOU! We look forward to seeing everyone again on the runway in Boston! 

Photo Credit: Dan Verscha (
Photo Credit: Dan Verscha (
Photo Credit: Dan Verscha (